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Sunday in the Park with George Text Icons

I made some text icons from the Sondheim musical Sunday in the Park with George. This is my first real attempt at text icons, so I experimented around and they're kind of all over the place. The textures are by colorfilter and dearest, if I'm not mistaken.

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12
13 14 15

Please comment if you're taking, credit is also good. If you like these, feel free to friend this journal.
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These are great - I just bought this cast recording too.

Took 8, 12, and 13. Thanks!!
I love 14 and 15! Gorgeous!
Took 14, 15, and 7. I love Sunday in the Park- they're beautiful!
These are excellent! I really like them.
These are great. I love Sunday in the Park with George, and there aren't nearly enough icons of the show.
I know! I'm planning on capping the DVD once I have the chance, hopefully that might encourage more icon-making.
I adore Sunday! Thanks for the icons.
I love them! I took 7 and will credit when I use it.
Brilliant, fantastic, i love them, also the fact you've done SITPWG icons, love it!
Awesome, awesome, awesome! Totally snatching nr 7!
something nice with swans...

i love like every single one of these. please make more.
Thank you, will do.
Ooh! Loooooove Sunday! Stealing 7 and 14. Thanks!
Really nice icons! I've not watched the musical, but the icons are interesting! Took 3 and will credit.
took 1 and 3 thanks.
2, 5, 7, 9, 15. I LOVE YOU. These are amazing.
Nominating 15 at bway_awards
Thank you so much. :)
I've been looking for Sunday in the Park icons forever! Snagging #4. Thanks so much!
Snagging 12. Thanks so much! :)


August 24 2009, 02:24:43 UTC 7 years ago

Stealing 2 and 5. :) They're lovely!